Learn more about Akbari pistachios

َAkbari Pistachio – Tree Specifications:

This figure has a moderate growth and growth habit. The height of the tree is 297 cm (average height) and the tree crown width is 380 cm (wide width).


Akbari Pistachio (Long) – Flowering:

The flowering date of this cultivar is April 21, with the end of flowering on April 26 and the flowering period is 11 days.

Akbari Pistachio (Long) – Leaf features:

The percentage of the leaves is 14.8% (low), the percentage of leaflets is 43% (moderate), in the percentage of the four-leaf porcine leaf 12.8% (high), the percentage of five-leaf leaves 36% (high), this number has a leaf length of 4 (Average), 158 mm (moderate), leaf width 141.4 mm (low), end leaf length 89.57 mm (moderate), upper leaflet width 65.48 mm (low), petiole length 1.50 mm (tall). The size of the leaflet is larger than the lateral leaves, the shape of the leaflet is the end of the spear.


Akbari Pistachio – Fruit cluster:

This cultivar has a length of 9.85 centimeters (low) and a fruit spike width of 7.4 centimeters (low), a spike diameter of 38.5 mm (low), an average number of splits of 11.6 years (moderate), a number of secondary splits On the first initial branching, the number of pistachios is 1/6 (small). The cluster has a mean weight of 60.51 g (low), the dry pistachio weight of each cluster is 47.15 g (), has the highest number of pistachios (29 / 34), the percentage of smelly pistachios is 81.8% (high), the percentage of closed pods with complete brain is 7.5% (low), the percentage of pistachios with skin is 9.6% (low). This variety has a large pistachios With a smirk about 20 (low).

Akbari Pistachios – Fruit:

The date of the onset of the rapid growth of the embryo in this figure of 10 July and the time of arrival of its fruits is 31 September (late).

Green tip pepper, green skin color when the red fruit arrives, fresh weight of the skin with green skin 48.44 g (high), and fresh weight of skin without green skin 29.25 g (high), dry weight of pistachio 1.45 g (high) ), Green skin weight 19.3 g (the highest green skin weight among the cultivars), 12.12 mm long pistachio length (high), 12.12 cm long pistachio bread (high), position of the skeletal skeletal skin in the abdominal and back portions Is. Pistachio shape is rectangular. Weight of bony skin (3.02 mm), dry weight of brain 0.75 g (high), dry weight of pistachio to green pineapple (46.3%), soft and juicy green skin texture, brown violet , The color of the field of the brains of the yellow, the fruit juice starts from the tip, the color of the bony skin of the dark cream.

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